Stillbirth management

Cord prolapse

Management of patients with kidney failure in the post-transplantation period

Management of locally recidivating and metastatic breast cancer

Management of patients suffering from membrane glomerulonephritis

Glaucoma management

Management of posterior vitreous detachment, eye retina cracks and lattice degeneration

Management of Crohn’s disease in teenagers

Management of ulcerative colitis in teenagers

Duodenal cancer management

Gastric cancer management

Management of ovarian/Fallopian tubes/ malignant cancer

Management of esophagus and gastroesophageal cancer

Management of cervical ulcer

Management of rectal cancer

Management of non-small cell lung carcinoma

Management of small cell lung carcinoma

Management of primary breast cancer

Management of urinary bladder carcinoma

Management of penile cancer

Management of renal cell carcinoma

Management of recurrent and metastatic cancer

Management of gestational diabetes

Electronic monitoring of fetal heartbeats at the time of delivery: terminology, classification, main principles of management

Early pre-delivery encirclement of fetal membrane

Acute appendicitis management

Groin hernia management

Radiotherapy of mammary gland tumor

Radiotherapy nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Radiotherapy tongue root carcinoma

Radiotherapy of the front two-thirds of the tongue carcinoma

Radiotherapy of other parts of the tongue

Radiotherapy of gastric cancer

Radiotherapy of Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Radiotherapy of tolsil cancer

Radiotherapy of oral cavity floor cancer

Radiotherapy of oropharyngeal cancer

Radiotherapy of prostate cancer

Radiotherapy of mumpsgland cancer

Radiotherapy of uterine and endometrium cancer

Radiotherapy of maxillary sinus cancer

Preventive treatment and management of hard tooth tissue diseases

Management of soft tissues diseases of temporary teeth (pulp and peridont)

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