Tbilisi City N1 hospital Department of Cardiology– physician- 1993-1994









Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia -1996-2003 ; Department of State program Management; 1996-99;.Department of Mother and Child Affairs ; 1999-2001; Department of Social Affairs Policy; 2001-2003

Lufthansa air Company( Germany) – Occupational Health and Occupational safety department, intern 02.2001.-04.2001

Chamber of commerce of Slovenia – Institute For Work at the University of Lubliana-intern 05.2001.-07.2001;

European Council -Member of European Committee of Social Cohesion(CDCS) and Social Security(CS-SS), 2004-2008. Member of steering committee of European committee of Children and Family.(2005-2006) Member of European committee on improving the situation of low-income workers (CS-LIW)- 2008. Mutual informational system of social security system in European Countries ( MISSCEO) – Expert from Georgia 2003-2006.

Tbilisi city Hall – Agency of Health and Social Affairs; Deputy of Head- 2003-2007;

International Insurance Company IRAO – Health Insurance Director; 2007-2012;

People’s Pharmacy– Director; 2011-2016

Insurance Group of Georgia – CEO/Founder 2017-present

Union of Georgian Medical Associations – Executive Secretary 2012-present

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