Ugma is the biggest   union of Georgian Health professionals,

Our goal – Improving the Quality of Medical Services in the Country

Mission– Inspiring, promoting and supporting continuous improvement in the quality and safety of healthcare


Main directions of  our activity :

  1. Development of Protocols/ Guidelines;
  2. Participation in their introduction;
  3. Implementation of Training, Research and Certification/Exam Programs;
  4. Medical Personnel Training;
  5. Clinical Disputes Review (between patients, clinics and insurance companies);
  6. Reviewing Clinical Medical Cases;
  7. Clinical examination/audit of insurance cases;
  8. Other


Since 2012  Up to 400 clinical management protocol is prepared,  Medical staff up to 30 Hospitals was selected by Union’s Competition Commission

From  2013 to 2018  the Union was the Contracting Institution of  “Medical Activities State Regulation Agency” of the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia and have conducted expertise in the field of Quality of Healthcare.

Union also is contractor of all main insurance companies of Georgia and  conducting expertise, regarding Quality of healthcare.

Union submitting At Professional Development Council  cases prepared by Unions experts.  As a result, the issue of doctor’s professional responsibilities has discussed.


Union of Medical Associations

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